Redundancy Is A Positive Catalyst for Change & Beverley Corson has ‘Empire’ In Mind

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BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series





BNI Go-Getter Beverley Corson has Empire in her sights

Dare I even mention the A word? At a time when age – an issue for many, as they pump iron, Botox and gorge themselves on lettuce leaves; Anything, to stave off the creeping of time.

How refreshing, to find someone at the opposite end of the spectrum, where being perceived as too young is (was) a concern.  That said, the anxiety factor is equally real (if I can remember rightly).

Early achiever Beverley Corson – now high flier owner/MD, consultant and trainer at Engineering Business Growth explains how over the years she’s had to overcome her own self-limiting beliefs around being too young. And overcome them, she has…

Crunch. Music stop. All change…

As was the case for many 8.5 years ago, everything changed for Beverley. The credit crunch was devouring businesses left, right and centre and Beverley’s role with a successful Leadership Development Company and its key big banking clients, was gobbled up.

Redundancy for Beverley was taken as a sign that it was time to go it alone.

Having achieved great things with key organisations: Santander, RBS, Network Rail, British Waterways, ASDA, Beverley was confident she could deliver a repeat performance.  With her passion for the training and development sector, she could  not imagine any other career path.

Beverley had everything at her fingertips.

She was equipped with world-class approaches in training, coaching and consultancy;  in Leadership, Management, Sales, Recruitment as well as Team and Personal Development.  Her previous roles had her at the coal-face – bringing £millions in business, so securint the business wasn’t a concern either.

What could go wrong?

Building an empire..

Beverley’s sights were set on creating and growing of a successful coaching and training company, like the companies for whom she had worked.  Her business would however be pitched at the SME market – up to 50 employees.  This meant starting from scratch.

Try/Test/Measure/Try again was her modus operandus

“Real effort and determination was essential to maintain the faith and belief that I have what it takes and to keep going no matter what the set-backs”.

Beverley’s first lesson was that as a start-up, you have to be made of stern stuff.

“My greatest challenge has been getting my business going.

I had thought it would be easy but of course the whole infrastructure had gone. Now it was just ME. Me doing every tiny and big thing there is to do in a business.

And when out there in the big world where I had comfortably sold so much training in the past, I was just selling ME.

Partners and Perseverance and a Cunning Plan..

beverley logo EBG_logo Landscape webBeverley did it!  4 years ago Engineering Business Growth was formed.

As well as identifying and working successfully with SME businesses with ambition to grow, change and improve, Beverley decided to pursue some strategic partnerships.

Partnerships with organisations that small businesses already know, like and trust were to become a strong part of my business model.

Indeed this approach became Beverley’s secret to success – capitalising on her involvement with Networking organisations, Chambers of Commerce, Shared Working Spaces and Large Accountancy Practices.

And then came the Club..

In January 2017, Beverley and her now business partner of 1.5 years, launched their Engineering Business Growth Club

….a 12 month group programme offering a two-pronged growth attack: developing the growth of the business and the business owner or leadership team.

“The club is an affordable 12 month group coaching and accountability programme, designed to support ambitious business owners in developing their strategy, knowledge and skills.

It focuses on the leadership, management and strategic development of key areas of the business; sales, marketing, operations, finance, talent and on improving the success mindset and performance of the business owner”

2 years from now

..the plan is for 10 Engineering Business Growth clubs to be running across the South West and Central London…

So watch this space because I have the feeling that goal will be met.

Q: You were selected as one of BNI London’s Go-Getters.  What part has BNI played in your journey?

My relationship with BNI spans 4.5 years.

3 years ago in October I joined BNI Balham after being a member in BNI Wimbledon for 1.5years.

It was a strategic decision on both counts and my business partner is a member at BNI Kingston .  For us, the benefits are vast.

Being part of BNI enables us to be part of a local community and to build relationships with other business owners.

It helps generate leads and sales, provides support, enables us to evolve our business, to practice our speaking skills weekly and importantly, to learn about other industries and businesses which helps us help our customers.

 Over 30% of our memberships are actually our clients now which is a real advantage as it enables them to really understand what we do and to refer us on.

And of course the whole Givers’ Gain philosophy we totally buy into.   It’s very exciting when you come up with a great referral for one of your members.

The best referral I have given, came from networking at a local Chamber event.  Someone I met mentioned wanting an extension for a business and flat above the premises.

I referred him to a fellow-member and it turned into a £25k piece of business.

That’s the perfect example of how everyone listens out for opportunities for fellow members.  It’s like having your own sales team out there.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone considering joining BNI?

  • BNI can be a hugely successful part of your marketing and sales strategy.
  • Invest your time
  • Take part fully
  • Follow the tried and tested BNI structure
  • Attend the training sessions
  • Have lots of 121s
  • Network elsewhere to find people to invite along

…And really important find a group where you like the culture and click with people then be in it for the long haul.

 Q: What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

  • Save
  • Age is just a number
  • Believe in yourself
  • Do anything possible to build confidence in public speaking

Q: Who has inspired/influenced you – personally and/or professionally

There are so many and of course of both sexes, but as that’s the theme here, some of my key inspirations have to be:

  • My boss for whom I worked 8 years –  She was highly disciplined, focused and driven.
  • One of the directors of the leadership development company with whom I worked. She helped build it up and sell it for £39m
  • Two online dynamos Nicola Bird and Bernadette Doyle who built successful businesses despite having 3 children under the age of 6.

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