“Take Chances – nothing hurts more than missed chances” – Go-Getter Dee Burrowes – MINDSET Strategist

Dee burrowes

BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series



“Great achievements stem from great challenges”

When you meet the effervescent Dee Burrowes, she radiates joie de vivre.  It’s a challenge therefore, to imagine the picture she paints, where 12 years back , ensconced in the corporate world of Finance, she reached a point at which, she’d ‘lost her mojo’.

In interview, BNI Go-Getter Dee Burrowes, sketches out her journey to becoming a MINDSET Strategist and Coach.

My first encounter with Dee was when she had just returned from a visit to the US.  During her 7-day holiday, (yes holiday) she’d attended 3 different BNI breakfast meetings at 3 different chapters.  Dee was waxing lyrical about her experiences and the potential opportunities emanating from these BNI-driven encounters.

Brightly dressed with a personality to match, it doesn’t take long to gain some insight into the fauvist palate mixed together to produce today’s empowering MINDSET Strategist that is Dee Burrowes

Vibrant tubes are blended; a mix of Corporate and NFP expertise, paired with an MBA and a practical finance and business background; large dollops of personal experience, coaching and NLP techniques.

Brushing and dabbing and mixing all of this onto the canvas produces Dee to coach; the MINDSET strategist.  Her approach aims to equip all of her clients – individuals 121, couples and group coaching, with the tools that enable them to live life on their terms.

“To overcome those feelings we can all feel from time to time – lack of confidence, self-worth, overwhelmed,  dissatisfied with our jobs or an aspect of life; worrying about our goals or what we ‘should’ be doing with the rest of our lives”.

 Q: Just 14 months into your BNI Membership and a BNI Go-Getter.  That’s impressive.  What can you tell us about your experience?

“When I first encountered BNI, I thought it was a bit of an old boy’s network. So structured. Rather serious.  But I saw business being passed around the table.  I was desperate to grow my business.  I went back again and of course the reality was very different”.

“What I quickly learned was that it’s inclusive; that the  ‘givers gain’ ethos works. It’s not all work and no play either”

“A real BNI plus for me is the trust factor….

Coaching isn’t a bricks and mortar thing.  Like most of the service sectors – legal, financial etc, a client or prospective client needs to trust their in the best hands and that can take a long time to achieve.

BNI speeds up that process markedly.  As you build relationships with your BNI group, so the trust hurdle is jumped.  Fellow members get to know you and trust you and that’s when the referrals start coming in.

BNI enhances your local network, broadens your knowledge and a big plus for me, connects you globally.”

“Can you think of another situation where you can travel to any major city in the world and immediately make connections with trusted contacts who will open doors?

Imagine that.  The world’s largest and most successful networking organisation, right at your fingertips.”

“I’ve taken real advantage of this opportunity.  So far I have visited 9 chapters in Barbados, Dubai and several across USA.  I’ve collaborated with members and made so many new contacts.”

Keen to make contacts and develop my business, I took the initiative while travelling. My thinking was..

..having experienced such an enthusiastic atmosphere in the UK – I figured the US as the founding country, is probably even more of a buzz.

Q: What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining BNI?

Here are my top 6 tips:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Be engaged and committed and you’ll excel
  3. Be open and receptive to giving and receiving business
  4. Follow the system
  5. Build close relationship with members
  6. Participate in the networking opportunities to meet other members from other chapters

 Q: and… What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

  • Take Chances – nothing hurts more than missed chances
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Live life on your terms
  • Dance in the rain
  • Travel somewhere epic
  • Make lots of friends
  • Always give your best
  • Don’t let your ego become the main attraction
  • Accentuate the positive (eliminate the negative)
  • Influence, not control

Q: Who has inspired you – personally or professionally?

Two wonderful women…

  • My mum who constantly encourages me to do and be better; Who taught me what it means to persevere; to accomplish my goals and realise my highest dreams.
  • Dr Maya Angelou who stood tall for civil rights yet consistently focused on enjoying life itself

Dee burrowes

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Author:  Elizabeth J Floyd is a Strategist: Business, Online and Social Media… who does a bit of writing too.  Connect on LinkedIn | Twitter | Check out #LizzieJsTopTips on Twitter


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