Is a Great Memory Luck, Magic, an Art or Technique?

BNI Go-Getter Giulia Remondino shines her light on Memory…

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BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series





Are we all in agreement – that having a good memory would prove invaluable across all areas of life – in business, socially, as a student, as a leader..and more? 

No descenders, I’m sure.

We all know how much easier life would be, if we were always to remember people’s names, faces and those important dates, and facts and figures.

 “The true art of memory is the art of attention”                                          says Samuel Johnson

Is it really as simple as that Samuel?  Can we crack it by simply paying attention?

If mastering memory is simply a matter of paying attention, it should be easy – right?  Just focus and remember.

Coincidentally, yesterday I fumbled an introduction.  Such a faux pas isn’t merely embarrassing.  Slip ups like this and stumbling over the recall of information can hinder the development of a conversation, effect relationships and even result in missed opportunities.

In this situation, I was the introducer and I tried damn hard to recall everyone’s name.  If I take Samuel Johnson’s theory as gospel, it means I wasn’t sufficiently focused?

I’m primed and ready to know more and as I prepare to speak with BNI Go-Getter Giulia Remondino – MD of Genius in 21 days UK, I’m pondering the big question.

Is it nature or nurture?  Can we really learn to improve our memories? 

My starting point to check a rather incredulous story I’d been told.  Is it true?  Can you? Did you/do that?

 The Story goes like this…

Giulia walks into a BNI meeting at a chapter she has never previously visited. There are circa 80 people present and as part of the meeting, each in turn introduces themselves to the group, before presenting their business in under 60 seconds..

Giulia positions herself to be last in the speakers’ line.  She knows no-one. No-one has ever met her.  It’s Giulia’s turn to speak.

She introduces herself;

Moves her gaze from person to person – acknowledging each individual by name.

“It was as if time stopped.  Around the room, 80 people open-jawed in amazement”  ..recounts the story-teller.


Giulia smiles widely:

“Yes, that’s a true story.  I can do that.  Indeed I did do that”


Italian-born and educated in Turino (Turin), Giulia has been in London for a bit over 12 months.

“I love what I do.  I’m living here in the best city in the world. I’m surrounded by amazing people from every walk of life, and with my work, I see, that I make a difference.

It’s a great feeling”

To eke out the answer to the nature/nurture/learn dilemma, we need to step back in time a little – back to Giulia’s Uni days, when at 18 years old and just 18 months into her university studies, at which time Giulia’s sights were set on a career in International Relations and Foreign Affairs: 

It happens unexpectedly during a random conversation with a high-flying friend; an economics student, of whom she is slightly in awe because of his ability to seemingly recall everything he learns, and to consistently pull in top grades.

Memory techniques…

Her friend puts his success down to a course he’d taken; a course involving a mixture of speedreading and memory techniques.

So – there’s my answer.  Evidently, we can learn to improve our memories.

A Life-path changer

For goal-driven Giulia, this was one of those light-bulb moments.  Unaware at the time, this innocuous conversation was to be a life-path changer.

Giulia quite quickly embarked on the same programme:  Genius in 21 Days Advanced Learning Memory and Speed Reading.


It worked it’s magic.  Giulia became an outstanding student and subsequently experienced many outstanding work and social successes – like her friend, much of which, she puts down to the course.

So enamoured with the results was she, that down the road a bit, she was drawn back to Genius..

“I wanted to help others experience what I’d experienced.

I took the decision to get trained up to the level where I could open up and lead my own Century 21 programmes – in untapped locations.

London here I come 

Giulia’s Genius 21 Days training included stints in both Italy and Florida and finally,  and it was her time to go it alone.

This 27yr old giovane donna italiana fixed her sights on the City of London, UK, where she arrived, not knowing a soul.  But that didn’t phase Giulia.  She didn’t select a back-street town in the UK or even the London outskirts.

Central London was her goal and achieve that goal, she did.

Having secured herself a City of London office, Giulia launched Century 21 Days UK, with all the gusto of one determined to achieve her goals, and who completely believes in that which she’s offering:

“improving peoples memories which improves peoples lives…  whether they are 7 or 87”

Q: So, one of BNI’s youngest Go-Getters.  How did you get involved with BNI?  

It when visiting Florida that I first encountered BNI and instinctively, I knew it was a fit.

In fact, BNI was one of the reasons I felt confident I could make it in London.  Prior to arriving, I set myself 3 goals:

  1. find a place to live
  2. find an office
  3. join BNI

 “100% of my business comes from referrals.  People I train walk away wowed and tell their friends.  Their friends come and they do the same. It’s the perfect business model.

That’s why BNI fits so well – all based on the premise of building relationships and giving and receiving referrals ”.

The plan worked…

“I knew no-one at the outset but managed to build great relationships with successful people who helped me.

Some members took the courses and became advocates internally with fellow- members as well as externally with their friends and contacts.

The referrals came in fairly quickly after that”

My business is growing from strength and in addition I now have a bank of expertise surrounding me – expertise to whom I can refer others as well.

Q: What specific advice would you give to anyone considering joining BNI?

  • BNI is amazing – especially if you are new to London or starting up a new business. BNI really helped me in both of these aspects
  • Be yourself and everything will go great

Q: Who has inspired you on your journey – personally or professionally?

“I’ve learned to be inspired by anyone and everyone. It’s one of my biggest lessons.  Everyone can teach you something.

But I owe a big thank you to my parents for raising me as an independent and positive woman with the intention of making a difference.

I also owe a big thank you to Luca Lorenzoni, Massimo De Donno and Giacomo Navone, the 3 senior partners of Genius in 21 days, for guiding me and teaching me everything I needed in order to become successful.


giulia saved jpegChallenges become just fading memories when you decide to focus on what the achievements allow you to become 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Giulia Remondino


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