“Go-Getter” Catherine A Baudino PhD, MNCP, FRS | “The Goal Of The Leader is to Give No Orders”




BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series

In a world where there is continuous talk about balance – I’m guessing Catherine Baudino could teach us a thing or two.

After pouring into a large mortar, jugs full of formal and practical learnings, mingled with academia across business, arts, technology, people and communications; then ladling in a full packet of corporate life; a huge dollop of exciting business and personal experiences; and taking up the same pestle that smashed through the proverbial glass ceiling; we carefully combine these rich ingredients.

..et voila out pops one Catherine Baudino – an impressive business and personal coach, a career mentor and counselling professional.

It’s an interesting mix of people with whom Catherine works: SMEs, their leaders and teams; Stressed out execs in the corporate world who need to talk with someone who understands the lingo; and recently, as part of the Help for Heroes Serve On initiative, Catherine was excited to have been appointed to mentor an Army Veteran through his path into “civvy street”

I was keen to jump on board Go- Getter Catherine’s journey:

What’s that?

Winner of The Apprentice before The Apprentice was invented?

This story is the ideal starting point.  It says so much about Catherine and I’m willing to suggest that it may well have been the planted-seed which grew into the now, international phenomenon that is Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice.

Back in the 80s, BBC2’s The Money Programme decided to produce a series on Headhunting.  As the viewers followed, the appointed Headhunter eked out candidates as possibilities for a much wanted position – working for the infamous media and publishing magnate Robert Maxwell.

We first need to cast our minds into a scenario where we have not yet been exposed to that which became Reality TV.   Today we’d find it mildly amusing but at this time it was a daunting concept – to fly-on-the-wall witness the rigorous weeding out of candidates, casting them aside one by one.

There were 140 candidates in total and YES… Catherine Baudino was the chosen one appointed to climb on board Maxwell’s burgeoning TV empire.

Reaching For The Stars isn’t a one-off occurrence

Asking Catherine about her greatest achievements, she refers back to this time, when, as CEO for Maxwell’s Satellite Communications business she took the ‘audacious’ move to go for, what was expected to be, the impossible prize: to win from the DTI, one of 6 coveted communications licences..

Impossible because a) Maxwell had previously been declared unfit to run a public company by the DTI and b) because they were competing the upper-echelons of the industry –  23 contenders in all, including BBC, Sky, Reuters.

Yes.  You guessed it. Against all the odds, the prize was theirs.

It’s not at all questionable, when Catherine tells us her personal mantra is determination; nor that one of her mentees has attributed her the tagline “Do Not Give Up”.

Reportedly, Maxwell stated that on hearing they’d been successful, he’d quipped with Lord Young (head of DTI)

‘I never doubted it. She’s prettier and tougher than all of them’.

More women like Catherine…

One of our goals, in showcasing a select number of our top female BNI Go-Getter members, is to demonstrate the calibre of business women across our BNI London groups. The scale tips firmly towards more males right now, and we want to encourage more great business-women wanting to do more business in London, to come along – visit, and experience what BNI can do for them and their businesses.

With this in mind, I asked Catherine:

Q: “18 months into your BNI Membership, what can you tell us about the experience?

“When I joined BNI I had been out of the public eye for a while – caring for both my parents and sick husband. After a couple of visits to the Knightsbridge Chapter, I joined as a member.  That was some 18 months ago.

It was initially, and remains, the energy and integrity around the table that I like.  Being part of a network of people you like, trust and respect is stimulating.

I spoke in May at 2 events – both on Leadership Women in Business, touching on the challenges of drawing women to STEM industries.  I credit these speaker-slots to BNI.  Presenting myself weekly to the group for 60 seconds plus the occasional 10 minute feature presentation, bounced me back onto the swing of public speaking.

The other big plus is that, as a coach/counsellor it takes time for people to get to know and trust you, so BNI, where you really get to know your ‘team’ and vice versa, is such a great way to grow your business.  Referrals help break through the trust barrier.  By the time you are in contact with someone – there’s already a level of trust because of the person who has made that introduction.

Having said that, it takes time.  The first 12 months with BNI was slow but now 18 months in, the referrals are coming in”.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone considering joining BNI?

  • Be yourself and…

  • Authenticity is key

Getting back to things more Catherine focused, I asked:

Q: What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

  • You are much better than you believe.

Q: Who has inspired you – personally and/or professionally

  • Margaret Thatcher – because of her courage and determination.

Favourite Quote?

  •  “The goal of a Leader is to give no orders”  Simon Senek – ‘Leaders Eat Last’.

CATHERINE BAUDINO  is a BNI member at BNI Knightsbridge Circle who meet weekly for breakfast, on a Thursday.  ‘Your’e always welcome to visit’ says Catherine

You can connect with CATHERINE:  LinkedinBNI BAUDINO (2017)In  – Twitter: @cab_baudi  FB: catherine.baudino   Instagram: dear.dr.catherine  

website: www.baudino.com


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