Guys Beware: 1 in 5 women hate their engagement rings.

lewis malka 3   

Don’t worry, my blog isn’t turning into some sort of agony-aunt column.  

This is the story of how a book, its TV launch and a Nina Hossain ITN interview, materialised for one BNI London Mayfair member – all through the power of BNI.

It unfolded like this…

Hatton Garden diamond specialist and jeweller, Lewis Malka, a BNI Mayfair member, was looking to undertake some marketing activity focused around engagement rings in the build up to Valentines.

He started working through the planning for his campaign with fellow Mayfair BNIr and e-business coach  Paul McCartney and BNI Central’s Tim Dingle – London School of Excellent Training.

Delving deeper into Lewis’ target market based around sales to-date, an ah haaa moment when it became evident that:

60% of people coming into the shop to purchase engagement rings were in fact men..


Doing the simple math…

This meant that only 40% of women were getting involved in the purchase of their ‘I’ll wear this forever’ item. A revelation which prompted some questions:

If the woman isn’t involved in the selection

a) is she happy with her partner’s choice and 

b) why are we putting all the marketing efforts into reaching out to women only


A survey ensued and the results said it all:

Probably not unsurprisingly, it identified that 20% of women really dohate‘ their engagement rings.  ‘This called for action’ thought Lewis. “It is time to do something about educating all those well-intended men who are clearly getting it wrong.         … There’s a book in this” –

The Man’s guide to getting it right…

lewis malka 2 womanproposing3

Er.. apologies first.  This being a leap-year and with an upsurge in same-sex engagements, I realise the emphasis on the man in this article is quite inadequate.    I have to say it makes for far less-eloquent writing – but with the desire to be inclusive….

Said book ‘The Engagement Ring’ was born, full of hints and tips to help the proposer delight the proposee..

Da daaaaahhhhhh – drumm-roll – enter BNI..

In Lewis’ own words –

 I couldn’t have written or published this book without the help of fellow BNIrs:

Stuart Malka - the bookTim Dingle and Paul McCartney (as above); BNI-Mayfair member Alex Arenson – Branding, Design & Digital Studio, responsible for the book’s layout  and  BNI Clerkenwell’s  cartoon illustrator Caroline Chapple.

As if that wern’t enough, Lewis went on to explain…

It was solely thanks to Paul McCartney, that I launched the book live on ITN just before Valentines.  How amazing is that.


Well – What more can I say?  It’s simply another case of ‘that’s just the power of BNI folks!’ A great collaboration story.

Watch the ITN launch/interview with Nina Hossain here .  And if you’re one of those in danger of getting it wrong – Get the book directly from Lewis’ website as well as from Amazon and Waterstones.

lewis malka 3

They say we all have a book in us?  

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