10 Downing Street! BNI Members Collaborate, Pitch & Win at Number 10

Oooo I’m so liking this high-flying stuff…

My blog articles are taking on a life of their own. There’s a theme evolving and long may it continue!   I have to say – it’s with no intention on my part and purely driven by the BNI members’ success stories coming my way on a weekly basis.

Just two weeks ago

…it was all Leo DiCaprio; last week I told how a BNI visitor referral ended up at Kensington Palace and now, here we are at No.10 Downing Street with a Lord and a Knight of the Realm  – no less.  Impressive stuff!

Is there no stopping us I ask?   I think not, I respond.  “That’s the power of BNI”.

On the occasion in question, it’s our Hammersmith Chapter who have come up trumps again – and it all started from one member inviting a visitor along…

Member ‘Kaps’ – Kapil Kapur owner of Fintertips Intelligence invited his contact Jonathan Hughes of Wordzup – then a member elsewhere, to visit BNI Hammersmith.

On the day, Jonathan was introduced to Timothy Ball of Ball Design Consultancy and the rest as they say….

Ultimately, the pair pooled their capabilities – collaborating to win a 6-way pitch which clinched them the contract that took them straight to No. 10 Downing Street and – wait for it – smack bang into the Chancellor’s office!

In December, the Association of Business Schools (now the Chartered Association of Business Schools) invited Tim’s company to pitch to brand the Small Business Charter, a vital initiative and accolade for UK business schools. The timescale was extremely short but Tim and Jonathan pulled out all the stops and effectively beat off some stiff competition.

Post win, the pair were asked to come along to No. 10 in order to present their proposal to the board: a 25 strong committee made up of Business School deans, entrepreneurs, a Lord a Knight of the Realm and an array of senior figures in the higher education sector.

errrr… no pressure then..

So the big day arrived.  They knocked on the door excitedly and were admitted to No.10.  With time to spare they wanted to review their presentation and wandered down the corridors, looking for a quiet place. They spotted the perfect room “with a comfortable sofa and a rather impressive bureau” they would latter recall.

So there they squatted for some 30 minutes prior to being ushered along to the State Dining Room no less! Ooo it all happens at No.10!

At the end of the presentation, one of the attendees took them aside. With a big grin on his face, he explained..”um.. that cosy little room in which you were preparing, happened to be the Chancellor’s office – “ very impressed that you end up there” he mused.

Impressive indeed!  “Not just Lords and Knights and No. 10 – we sat in the Chancellor’s Office. Who would have thought that one of our weekly ‘build a better business’ chapter meetings would take us to the Chancellor’s office?”

So… here’s the go: 

>If you are already a BNI member – Power Teams are where it’s at!  This story says it all.  New doors can be opened through collaboration.  Collaboration enables you to pitch for business that you could not pitch for alone.

>If you are not yet a BNI member and getting new clients/new business is on your agenda; and indeed you want to get on stage with Leo DiCaprio, into Kensington Palace or pop along to No. 10 and put your feet up in the Chancellor’s office……..best get yourself along as a visitor… Call Amanda today: 01923 777071 and she’ll organise it all for you.  If you prefer, submit the ‘Come Visit Us’ form on our homepage http://www.bnilondon.com



Laura Hurren pic from the webwritten by Laura Hurren – BNI Executive Director for Central London and Referral Marketing expert.  Laura helps businesses and entrepreneurs to connect locally and worldwide – to generate Sales and New Business opportunities.

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