Having received a message from a previous member telling me all about how, a year after leaving his BNI group of 5 years, he has just landed the Referral of a lifetime – the Schoolboy Dream of clients, I posted this article on LinkedIn. Read all about it here  BNI Executive Director for UK and […]

  BNI Go-Getter Kate Hetzel heads up of her own Live-In Care Agency Eximius “Refined Live-In Care” services.   BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series         The first question that springs to mind as I’m preparing to interview Kate Hetzel is: ‘How does one choose the Caring industry as a profession?’ I’d […]

How delighted was I to receive this thank you note and testimony to the power of BNI.  (that’s me in the yellow dress looking rather odd – but the story is so great I just had to share). The note comes from Gitte Joergensen a Health & Welbeing professional at our Clapham chapter: BNI Premier.  Featured here, […]

BNI Go-Getter Emma Sear treads the boards to Property Law BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series         Almost 5 years ago, then with 6 years in Residential Property Law under her belt, Emma Sear, now Property Lawyer and Managing Associate, joined  International Law Firm Trowers & Hamlins, completing the leap from High […]

In the lead up to our Women Visitors Days this week, 3-7 July 2017 we’re shining the spotlight on just a few of our BNI London female Go-Getter members. We’re asking them to let us, through their stories, travel with them on their business journeys. On route, we get great insight into how BNI has […]

BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series         BNI Go-Getter Beverley Corson has Empire in her sights Dare I even mention the A word? At a time when age – an issue for many, as they pump iron, Botox and gorge themselves on lettuce leaves; Anything, to stave off the creeping of time. […]

BNI Central London Female Go-Getter Series     “Great achievements stem from great challenges” When you meet the effervescent Dee Burrowes, she radiates joie de vivre.  It’s a challenge therefore, to imagine the picture she paints, where 12 years back , ensconced in the corporate world of Finance, she reached a point at which, she’d […]