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Alongside women leaning forward and pushing harder to break through glass ceilings; Alongside efforts made to advance women in leadership roles and onto Boards, women-owned start-ups have seen 54% growth over the past 15 years. Yet women are still under-represented at every level. Each year, as International Women’s Day arrives, I find myself Groundhog-day-esque,  pondering […]

  It was a post by Luca Pellegrino – BNI’s Regional Director in Bologna and Ferrara, who was reporting on his attendance at a large conference in California last week.  His opening gambit being:  “the perfect event for BNI-minded people” It got me thinking – what actually is a BNI-minded person? Before we dig into that, I […]

How can Lawyers get more business? Referral marketing has never been as important to Lawyers as it is in today’s referral-driven society. For most of us 65% of business come from referrals. It’s even higher for lawyers and the legal profession.

Did you know you say as much with your body as you do with your mouth? Well more sometimes.. As BNI Central London’s executive director – business networking is my whole focus.  My passion is about connecting people in order to do better business, so  I know the importance of making connections quickly. One of my first personal rules when […]

  It’s The Taking Part That Counts? We all know the common phrase: it’s the taking part that counts rather than the winning.  But the questions I ask here are: Is it the taking part that makes us successful in life?  Is 99% effort enough for us to reach our goals and is it enough […]

It’s a listening thing… You know how it goes – ‘we humans were blessed with two ears and one mouth’ yet it’s argued that most of us, for most of the time, use the mouth far more than the ears. How often do you find yourself being introduced to someone and within a split second […]

3 tips for building business relationships quickly and turning those new prospects into buying customers