Did you know you say as much with your body as you do with your mouth? Well more sometimes.. As BNI Central London’s executive director – business networking is my whole focus.  My passion is about connecting people in order to do better business, so  I know the importance of making connections quickly. One of my first personal rules when […]

when 99% no. 2

  It’s The Taking Part That Counts? We all know the common phrase: it’s the taking part that counts rather than the winning.  But the questions I ask here are: Is it the taking part that makes us successful in life?  Is 99% effort enough for us to reach our goals and is it enough […]


It’s a listening thing… You know how it goes – ‘we humans were blessed with two ears and one mouth’ yet it’s argued that most of us, for most of the time, use the mouth far more than the ears. How often do you find yourself being introduced to someone and within a split second […]

The Key to buildng trust and conerting enquiries QUICKLY - red keys

3 tips for building business relationships quickly and turning those new prospects into buying customers

Shakespeare verst

BNI Networking veteran is on a roll. In one day, wins an Oscar and his 17 years as a BNI Member is awarded by special recognition badge.

City Lunch group

BNI City Lunch group appoint all-women Leadership Team

Lewis Malka cover pic

    Don’t worry, my blog isn’t turning into some sort of agony-aunt column.   This is the story of how a book, its TV launch and a Nina Hossain ITN interview, materialised for one BNI London Mayfair member – all through the power of BNI. It unfolded like this… Hatton Garden diamond specialist and […]